Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tandem launch in Sihanoukville

Was flying with a friend here, a short flight with landing in the valley.

Friday, September 30, 2016

The best navi-app for android

If you seek an app with offline navigation for Cambodia don't look any further than to the Sygic app from TomTom. It works offline contrary to Google Maps, but drains the battery I need to admid. The app comes with an integrated dashcam and many other features. A great app!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation

The former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explains how psychological warfare works and what it takes to mess up a society:

Even more enlightening is this very detailed explanation of psychological warfare, especially the last 22 minutes:

If you can detect similarities to present occurrences and developments you're one step closer to comprehend what's really going on in these turbulent times.
P.S.: This interview was recorded around 1985!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NATO on tour

The North Atlantic Terror Organisation made some new friends while driving through the Czech Republic:
Thanks to the Ex-NATO soldier, who showed them what many people think about their barbaric actions all over the world, he got sentenced to three years for that.:(

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

All governments was foreclosed at Dec. 25. 2012

It's true, we're all free!!!
"All beings now act in the capacity of individual entities without a corporate safety net and with full personal liability for each and EVERY ACTION THEY TAKE under common law, protected and preserved by public policy UCC 1-103, and Universal law, the governing law laid out in the OPPT UCC filings. (Refer: WA DC UCC Ref Doc # 2012113593)Should any individual pursue any actions on behalf of a foreclosed Bank or “Government”, causing another individual any damage as herein described, they in their individual and unlimited capacity are absolutely liable. Such actions may result in the receipt of a Courtesy Notice."
OPPT foreclosed all governments
BANKS & “GOVERNMENTS” FORECLOSED WORLDWIDE-The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) announced the foreclosure of the world’s banks and “governments” on December 25th 2012 stemming from prior investigation into massive fraud across the entire system
In German:
Alle Regierungen und Konzerne nach UCC Recht zwangsvollstreckt.
Der passende Flyer zum verteilen.

Als die Sklaverei in USA offiziell abgeschafft wurde haben die Sklavenhalter das den Sklaven auch erst gesagt als sie dazu gezwungen wurden. Da sind wir jetzt wieder. Das System wurde von der hoechsten Autoritaet fuer illegal erklaert und zwangsvollstreckt. Kein "Staatsbediensteter" hat irendwelche Sonderrechte mehr und ist als Individual Person vor dem Internationalem Volksgerichtshof in Den Haag voll haftbar fuer alles was er tut. Es gelten die Reichsgesetze von pre-1937, die BRD Gmbh wurde mit allen UCC Staaten endlich als Verbrecherorganisation erklaert und zwangsvollstreckt. Wir sind alle dem Staat nichts mehr schuldig, die Systemparasiten koennen den Buergern gar nichts mehr.
Der erste Weg in die Freiheit fuer ueber einen Staatsbuergerschaftsnachweis und eine Kuendigung des BRD Personalkontos, die Rueckgabe des "Personalausweises", abschliessend den ein Finger Gruss an dieses illegale Verbrechersystem nicht vergessen!
Druckt Euch die wichtigsten Dokumente aus und tragt sie bei Euch falls ein Angestellter der illegalen Firma Amtsgericht, Finanzamt etc. irgendwelche Ansprueche stellt. Seine Firma wurde naemlich ZWANGSVOLLSTRECKT !!! Droht diesen Berufsverbrechern mit einer Klage in Den Haag und lasst die Kamera laufen.
Die Youtube Videos veranschaulichen diesen Umstand mehr als ausreichend.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Serendipity beach in the morning

Don't miss to check out Sihanoukville.:)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Saturday, March 26, 2016

With the family at Oecheteal beach

A picture of us while we had a great time at the beach:

Monday, March 7, 2016

Deutschland auf dem Weg zum "Failed State"

To read the news nowadays about our former home country Germany is beyong anything I would have aspected. The speed in which things turned from bad to worse is unbelivable! We don't read any mainsh... media anymore since years and rather rely on independent info sites. While reading articles like this one we remain convinced that we've done the right thing to move here over five years ago. Despite all critics we faced when leaving Europe for good the reasons should be by now even for the worst ignorants easily visible. The law of causality can't be replaced by good will and ideologic ignorance in the longer term. All the commited mistakes like the mass migration of total retards and barbarians, who tread women worse than livestock and commit crimes on a daily basis have turned one of the safest countries in the world into a banana republic where the law has no meaning anymore.

Baden mit Steinzeitmenschen

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tandem Paragliding in Sihanoukville

The tandem flights finally started and passengers are already lining up, so far another four bookings for the next weekend.:)
A short 360° from the take off. When you press pause you can take a close look at the view, the landings on top and in the valley.
I do mainly top landings here, safes us the walk back up to the motorbikes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No flying at Bokor possible/ Our Facebook page

Still not flyable at Bokor in Kampot without an East take-off. Therefore we will move back to Sihanoukville and just fly at the ridge near Otres. My wife got a job as English teacher in a primary school there in town from January on while I do some tandem flights during the dry season.

The link to our Facebook page in case you want to contact me for a tandem flight near Sihanoukville.:)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sundowners in Kampot

It's common at the riverside to shoot such pictures pretty much every evening:
That's aside from a paragliding tandem flight with me at Bokor from November on one of the thinks that shouldn't be missed when visiting this beautiful city.:)
The mosoon hasn't passed yet and the wind is back to W. Flying here should be fine pretty soon.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

After a bit promotion I got the first passenger of the season to fly tandem with at Bokor in a couple of days. The wind will according to the forecast change from monsoon like NW to dry season S, the take off direction tomorrow and will keep it during the day.followed by another day nice day. The end of the rainy season could be over then. That means a lot of airtime ahead.:) While offering flights to tourists here I need to admit that I could charge much more somewhere else, doing the same thing. I don't just fly particulary here because of it. I deeply like Cambodia and be looking forward to also show many locals the true beauty of their country from the birds view. As soon as the first video clips are made some will be published here. If you also want to fly paragliding tandem at Bokor,Kampot just email to:

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Michaela this morning at the market

We found a nice place at the market after arrival in Kampot, where we used to take a coffee pretty much every morning all together before heading back home for Danny's schoolwork. They also make a stunning noodle soup for 5000 Riel (1,25$) with veggies and pork. While looking at my beloved wife I'm in relationship since over 23 years and married since over 18 years I took this picture of her to remind me what a lucky guy I'm actually are.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Nazis, Nazis überall nur Nazis

Eine sehr gelungene Momentaufnahme der gegenwaertigen Situation im internationalsozialistischem Deutschland. Aber Vorsicht: Intellektuell sehr anspruchsvoll und leider nicht mit dem Guetesiegel "Systemkonform" geprueft:

Nazis, Nazis, ueberall nur Nazies!

Google translate will help you to read this article in your language of choice.

Friday, September 18, 2015

A town guy starts growing food-Update

Because of certain weather issues a lot of our little tomato plants didn't make it and only the larger onces survived the typhoon and the following flood. I keep you posted on that topic.:)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kampot under water!

The city is suffering hard from the still ongoing heavy rain. The first picture is taken from the bridge, where you can see how close the city is from getting overflown by the rising tide of the Kampot river. The second picture was made from the first restaurant next to the new bridge.

Any more rain and Kampot will be in sirious trouble, once the river has taken the last barrier.:(

In the later afternoon the situation is getting a bit better since it stopped raining since noon. The pic below was shot at about 4pm from the old bridge towards the new one:

I'm not realy the flood expert by any means but I asume that another rise of the rivers tide wouldn't be to good.:(

The main road alongside the Kampot river.

What's at least as worse is that we haven't any running water at home since this morning, very funny!

Update 2:
At the next day the situation has improved, the river tide is about 30cm. lower, the promenade free of water but not cleaned up yet. Even the tap water is back on again.:)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Oh man, homemade Cambodian fruit wine!

Because of the overwhelming hospitality of our neighbors we barely can make it to our house without getting invited from the neighbors to try some local specialities. In the picture above you see some of the devasting homemade fruit wine from our neighbors. One glass of it and you can see two wifes where there was only one before.:) The taste is just as addictive as the friendliness of the locals once they know you a bit better.:)

Friday, September 11, 2015

That's why we don't eat any "Package food" anymore

You never know what toxic and harmful substances are in these fancy looking boxes and when it comes to trust cooperations I tend to be a very suspicious character. My advice when it comes to food: Don't eat anything with any popular brand name on it and buy fresh instead. Learn cooking if you can't yet and educate yourself about nutrition, particulary after reading such information:
Monsanto GMO fertilizer Glyphosate found in Kelloggs products!
Stay healthy.:)

Friday, September 4, 2015

A town guy starts growing food

It was about two weeks ago when I planted some tomato seeds under one of our banana trees. The seeds was just taken out of a outstanding nice tomato bought at the market and got burried about a cm. In the best soil I could find in our garden. It only took five days until the first little plants started to show themselfes. By now they are about 15 cm., one of them shows already the third leave pair and they are growing amazingly fast under the tropical sun. Today I did plant some more and also some cucumber seeds taken out of a fresh one and be curious how long that will take. This is the first time in my life that I'm growing my own food instead of buying and I enjoy this new hobby.:) I will update this posting once a while to keep you informed about our veggie experiment.

Crime is on the rise in Cambodias coastal towns

Dear tourists,
Be adviced to take precautions while beeing in the Kingdom. Particualary the ladies be warned to travel on your own after dark by making sure the taxi or Tuk Tuk driver is known by your guesthouse of departure. Ask the owner to order a taxi for you. This will prevent the driver of trying something harmfull to you when he knows that his identity is known. Don't make yourself a target by carrying valuable belongings. If you have larger amounts of money with you store it seperately with only a small amount beeing visible while you pay. Travel in larger groups after dark and take care of each others safety. Also be aware that it's a common method among criminals to put paralyzing drugs in their victims drinks in order to rob or rape them afterwards-Don't leave your drink unatended at any time. This is a very friendly society but under every tree are also some bad apples, keep that in mind while enjoying the beautiness of the Kingdom of wonder.:)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Celebrating ancestors day with the neighbors

Right now we're partying with our neighbors the traditional holiday. The Cambodians are lovely people, who like to celebrate together, sing karaoke, drink beer and enjoy their oustanding food in huge communities. We love this country.:)

My family is of course also with me and enjoys the typical Cambodian hospitality.

If you just could be here too.:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Big pharma starts now to employ anti-terror units against vaccine opponents!!!

As predicted a while ago in a posting below:
Big Pharma setzt Anti-Terror Einheiten gegen Impfgegner ein!

"FASCISM IS THE CORRELATION OF POLITICAL POWER WITH ECONOMIC POWER!" Benito Mussolini-Italian dictator and founder of fascism.

Google translate will help you to read the linked website in your language of choice.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fascinating landscape in Kampot

The city is surounded by a breathtaking landscape. Definitely a place for nature friends and families. We just discovered this part of the Kampot river while following it upstream. While driving into Kampot just turn left right after the new bridge and keep driving until you reach another little bridge donated by the German government to take such a nice picture:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Will the vaccination Gestapo kick in your door pretty soon?

After reading on non-mainstream media like about recent developments in the vaccination war on the people in America it's not hard to foresee what will be happen to the "conspiracy theorists", who dare to question the wisdom of the all mighty government in the European vassalle states with a short delay.
California senate committee passes bill to deny education to unvaccinated children!

First politians of the German bribe brigade parlament are already demanding mandatory vaccinations for the tax sheeps, just google it.

If the car industry would operate like the vaccination industry(NaturalNews):

1. Your average car would cost $4.5 million, representing a 30,000% markup over cost, which is typical for prescription drugs. Automakers would justify this price by saying they needed the money to fund research and development, but in reality, most of their research would be funded by taxpayer dollars through government grants and university research centers.

2. That exact same car could be purchased in Mexico or Canada for under $5,000.

3. Automakers would lobby Congress to outlaw or regulate alternative forms of transportation such as bicycles and airplanes, forcing Americans to rely exclusively on cars. Explanation: the drug industry works hard to discredit alternative medicine, herbs and nutritional supplements, hoping to force consumers to rely on drugs alone.

4. Cars with no safety systems (no seatbelts, no airbags, no crumple zones) would be declared perfectly safe by federal regulators. Car companies, rather than address this lack of safety features, would focus on publicizing the dangers of riding bicycles. Explanation: the FDA currently approves deadly drugs as "safe." Meanwhile, drug companies ignore the dangers of their own drugs and, instead, try to get people to believe that herbs or vitamins are dangerous.

5. The manufacturers of those cars with no safety systems would grow tired of being sued by customers who were injured in their cars, and they would lobby Congress to pass "legal reform" that would immunize all car companies against class action lawsuits. Explanation: drug companies are currently trying to get Congress to pass laws that would make it illegal for consumers to sue for damages. This would shield them from the financial consequences of their dangerous products that kill hundreds of thousands each year.

6. All auto imports would be banned, forcing consumers to buy only U.S. manufactured cars. And if you bought a Toyota and drove it to the U.S., you might be arrested or searched. Explanation: the FDA works hard to maintain a U.S. monopoly on all prescription drug sales. The agency once famously conducted a "drug raid" search of a bus load of senior citizens returning from Canada who had purchased nothing more than prescription medications.

7. Car companies would heavily publicize the release of new car models each year, but in reality, the new models would essentially be "me-too" cars with no real improvements over those made in the 1970's. Explanation: most prescription drugs, even though they are touted as "breakthrough" drugs, are little more than me-too drugs that do nothing different than older, off-patent drugs.

8. Car crash dummy tests that produced fatalities and other disturbing data would be censored by the auto industry, never to see the light of day. Any safety scientist who produced such results would be blackballed from ever conducting crash tests again. Explanation: drug companies routinely bury clinical study results that show the dangers of their drugs. They specifically design studies in a way that exaggerates benefits and minimizes risks. Researchers who don't "play ball" and help distort these drug trial results are blackballed and will never find work in the industry again.

9. Car dealers would be visited by hoards of automobile sales reps promising bribes, first-class vacations, free food and free cars as long as those car dealers would push the right products onto consumers. Explanation: drug companies spend billions each year on handouts to physicians, including outright bribes, fully-paid vacations to exotic resorts (disguised as "Continuing Medical Education" programs), free drug samples, and a never-ending supply of free lunches and other food items.

10. Driver's education programs would be cancelled nationwide. Instead of teaching people how to avoid accidents or repair damaged cars, automakers would encourage people to keep buying new cars. Explanation: organized medicine doesn't teach healthy safety or disease prevention. Instead, the entire system is designed around waiting for people to get sick, then treating them with expensive drugs, surgeries and other medical procedures. The system actually encourages chronic illness by neglecting to teach prevention.

11. Companies would make up new reasons why you need more automobiles, hoping to convince you to buy a dozen or more. They might say you need one car to make you feel happy, another for basic transportation, a third to match the color of your house, and so on. Explanation: drug companies frequently invent new, fictitious diseases, and then try to sell you drugs to treat those made-up afflictions. Examples include ADHD, FSD (female sexual dysfunction), General Anxiety Disorder, and other made-up diseases that have no purpose other than selling drugs. Essentially, Big Pharma wants to define everyone as diseased in some way, and then convince people they need a lifetime of prescription drugs to "manage" those diseases. From the moment you're born, the drug companies say, you're already diseased.

12. Car advertising would show happy, healthy people driving down country highways with the wind blowing through their hair. But once you get the car, you find out it breaks all the time, it doesn't perform as promised, and after a couple of years, it won't even start anymore. Explanation: prescription drugs are advertised with images of happy, healthy, youthful, energetic people. But the reality is that once you start taking prescription drugs, the health of your entire body and nervous system (brain included) starts to go downhill. People who take lots of prescription drugs are nearly always extremely unhealthy, with obvious disease physiology and muddled cognitive function.

13. Cars would be hyped to buyers with fancy, full-color brochures touting all the benefits of the vehicle. But federally-mandated warnings about car safety problems would be printed in 6-point type on a tiny label hidden under the driver's seat. Explanation: drug companies are required by the FDA to print safety warnings on certain product labels and advertisements, but these warnings are almost always presented in an impossible-to-read format and are, therefore, routinely ignored by doctors and patients alike.

14. Driving certain cars would have unexpected side effects. Driving one car, for example, would make you extremely aggressive and violent... perhaps even suicidal. Driving another car might make all your muscles hurt. And a third car might make you feel an instant loss of sexual drive. Explanation: prescription drugs always have unintended side effects. Antidepressant drugs cause violent behavior and suicides. Statin drugs can cause severe muscle pain (rhabdomyolysis) and loss of cognitive function. They also block the production of cholesterol, the precursor to sex hormones.

... and finally ...

15. Cars would be sold to you with high-priced features like a sunroof, air conditioning, 6-CD changer, navigation system and other items, but upon delivery, you would find none of the features you paid for. The car would be completely different from the one you thought you bought. Explanation: drugs are sold to patients with hyped-up promises of multiple health benefits. But once people start taking the drugs, they find the benefits were exaggerated. In other words, the drug they end up taking is nothing like the drug they thought they purchased -- the drug advertised with all the features and benefits on TV.

Take for example the thousands of stories from parents whose children were perfectly healthy until they received one or more vaccines and then suddenly lost the ability to speak, to walk, to feed themselves, or who started having seizures, stopped breathing or died. Many of the parents in these cases report that their doctors insist the vaccines had nothing to do with their child’s injury, even when no other explanation is apparent.

Das wird in einer Tabelle ganz offen dargelegt, neben einer langen Liste anderer durch Impfstoffe verursachter Zustände und Krankheiten wie »motorische Entwicklungsverzögerung«, »Tremor«, und »veränderter Bewusstseinszustand«. Autismus wird in dieser Tabelle in der Rubrik Störungen des Nervensystems und geistige Beeinträchtigung im Zusammenhang mit dem GSK-Sechsfachimpfstoff Infanrix aufgeführt.

While touting the vaccine’s efficacy, health authorities have suspiciously neglected to inform citizens of the various adverse side effects that can often accompany MMR immunizations, of which there have been 6,962 serious events documented as of December 14, 2014. Merck’s MMR vaccine has caused the following adverse reactions, according to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database: lupus (autoimmune connective tissue disorder); Guillain-Barre syndrome (inflammation of the nerves); Encephalitis; aseptic meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain); deafness; cardiomyopathy (weakening of the heart muscle); hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes (collapse/shock); convulsions; sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE); ataxia (loss of ability to coordinate muscle movements); parathesia (numbness, burning, prickling, itching, tingling skins sensation indicating nerve irritation) “Of these events 329 were deaths, with over half of the deaths occurring in children under three years of age,” reports the NVIC, while noting that “the numbers of vaccine-related injuries and deaths reported to VAERS may not reflect the true number of serious health problems that occur develop after MMR vaccination,” due to doctors and patients under-reporting the figures.

Medikamente teuer wie nie: Bittere Pillen sprengen das Gesundheitssystem

NaturalNews:Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized!

My sarcastic humor about the vaccination Gestapo kicking in your door soon in the headline got already overtaken by further actions in exactly this direction as you can read in this article-> The "treatment" is worse than the disease! Many people are cosidering leaving California, if their Governeur signs this new law. "There is no exemption against vaccines made with mercury, for example. There's no exemption against vaccines formulated with formaldehyde, another potent neurotoxin. SB 277 would make California the first state in America which forces its own people to be neurologically poisoned with medical injections."
What will be happen with the rest of the U.S., their vasallstates if they can get away with doing that to the Californians?!?
Die Regierung baut sich ihr Volk: Volksgesundheit durch Impfpflicht!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pics of last ground handling

Seems Michaela got the hang of taking nice pics with the smartfone. Just want to share her best ones with you.:)

The passenger harness fits every size from our 11 year old son to our friend from Kentucky, who is 1,95 cm and over 100kg.

The pilot harness is really huge and can replace any sofa in terms of comfort. With the rescue installed and the spreader bars attached it adds up to about 8 kg. plus water, which of course every pilot is supposed to carry for safety reasons, particulary here in the hot tropics.:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ground handling clip

A short video clip of the first ground handling sessions with the new tandem. The wind was very gusty and went on and off every few seconds, hard to keep the wing up for a bit longer. That's why I decided to try some solo handling instead and will choose another spot closer to the sea next time for more laminar wind conditions to exercise with a passenger attached.
Some friends came over to watch the show as well as the family.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Just picked up the Paragliding tandem gear in Vietnam

What a trip, I started by night bus to Saigon two days ago, arrived yesterday in the morning, jumped on the next free motorbike taxi to the wing distributor, where I got welcomed by a huge family and a wild kid, who started playing with me the right away as I just would belong to the family. When the seller, Mr. Cuong arrived, we opened the box from Ozone together and checked the delivery. Of course, everything was perfectly in order, so back on the motorbike taxi with this huge backpack in hi-speed through Ho Chi Minh City, to the bus station. There I had to wait for like eight hours for the night bus back. The bus took the route over Ha Tien, which was far faster than going over Phnom Penh like before. We finally passed the Bokor Mountain in Kampot on our way back as a appetizer for the coming tandem flights from the back side of the old casino on top of it.
The gear:

The Oxygen1 harness on the left is the pilot's one, the Oxygen2 opposite for the passenger. I had already adjusted it, installed the rescue parachute in this picture as well as attached the spreader bars and connected them to the rescue, so the gear is ready be used in long ground handling sessions ahead, prior taking it to the mountain. The first launch exercises with the family will be of course filmed and published on the blog very soon.:)
Last but not least, the equipment is very nice made, with a lot of attention to detail, nothing found yet to complain about and I'm not wondering that the former small company, who made my so much liked solowing, the "Addict" has grown to the most successfull wing maker in the world when it comes to sales and competition results in the meantime.
After five years abstinence from paragliding, it's definitely time to fly again, often felt kind of "ground-sick" when looking up to the clouds like a dog who can't reach the bone on the other side of the fence.:) Hopefully the upcoming rainy saison will stay back until end of May to do a few flights before monsun kicks in. We are also planing to move to Kampot in September to get the best out of the next fly season.

Friday, April 3, 2015

We went fishing

Our trip was over after only one hour because Danny felt dizzy all of a sudden and we went back home. Our catch after fishing from 3-4pm.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A few impressions of Sihanouk Ville

Just a few pictures I've taken recently of the city.:)
The Oecheteal beach.
The public part of the Sokha beach.
The Serendepity road at night.
The main market.
Our favorite vegetables vendor.

I'm about to leave on a business trip to north-east China in less than a week from now for a few days and will publish some more pictures from the breathtaking city Xián in the Shaanxi province as soon as I'm back.:)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

SOCIAL ENGINEERING: Sklaven für den Orwell-Staat !

Der verweiblichte Mann ist ein wehrloser Mann, der seine Familie, Gemeinschaft nicht verteidigen u. schützen kann. Er ist der IDEALE SKLAVE!
"Es wurde dies alles bereits vor 50 Jahren geplant, um unsere Gesellschaft systematisch zu zerstören und uns zu versklaven: Hinter Kita-Zwang, Gender-Mainstreaming, Feminismus und Sexualisierung der Gesellschaft steht als Zielsetzung die Vernichtung der Familie als Keimzelle einer gesunden Gesellschaft: Verwirrung zu stiften im Bewusstsein u. gesunden Empfinden von Menschen und sie damit immer weitergehender Manipulation u. Bewusstseinskontrolle zu unterwerfen!"

Weiter geht's auf diesem blog.

Was fuer ein Hofnarrenverein!!!
Kopp Verlag

Monday, December 22, 2014

Deutschland nun potentielles Hauptziel moeglicher Russischer Abwehreaktionen !!!

Dank des Vassallen - Statuses der BRD GmbH. , ermoeglicht durch rueckradlose Deutsche Polit - Schlampen Washingtons , die sich nicht fuer einen Friedensvertrag und das Ende der Besatzung einsetzen lagern 500 nucleare Gefechtskoepfe des U.S. Militaers in Deutschland. Dies macht Deutschland logischerweise zu einer der groessten Bedrohungen Russlands im Falle einer Eskalation.
Seit wenigen Tagen ist nun deswegen ein betraechtlicher Teil der russischen Raketenabwehr auf Deutschland gerichtet !!!

Praesident Putins Ansprache und mehr Info's hier.(Es ist sehr! wichtig diese Fakten gelesen zu haben!)
Ein kurzes Zitat daraus:

USA ziehen eine gigantische Streitmacht in Europa zusammen

9.Mai 2015
Heimlich, still und leise: USA schaffen weitere Kampfpanzer nach Deutschland!
Das ist Kriegsgeraet fuer eine Invasion!!! Nach der Bilderberger Konferenz am 9-12 Juni in Telfs, Tirol ist alles moeglich! In dem Zusammenhang wuerde ich die Militaerdoktrin Russlands noch mal genau lesen, um die Tragweite eines solchen moeglichen Angriffs zu verstehen. Zu den Bilderbergern: Der Film Endgame(Deutsch) auf Youtube gehoert sozusagen zum Grundwortschatz von "Verschwoerungstheoretikern" wie mir. Merkwuerdigerweise wurde auf den Mainstream Seiten nichts ueber diese weitere Lieferung von schwerem Geraet berichtet?!? Alles laeuft in Richtung grossem Angriffskrieg, man muss nur die Augen aufmachen, um das sehen zu koennen. I suggest Google Translate to read this website in your language of choice.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Daniels Writing

Some most recent handwriting of our home-schooled eleven year old boy:

The self chosen topic was this time the capitol of Russia. He asked me a lot of questions about the city, so we went on Wikipedia and Danny wrote six pages about Moscow, he translated it afterwards verbally into German. The translation took him about one and a half hours, by the way.
So far the news about our home schooling progress with Danny.:)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Part-time father Sascha at work

We are daily taking care of a little girl from the neighborhood who has no father anymore for a couple of hours while her mom is teaching at school.
She misses him obviously a lot and hugs me often as tight as she can. We are also teaching her some English and even German as you can hear in the video clip. She picks up everything like a sponge and even calls me "Liebling", what means darling in German since she did hear Michaela saying that.:) Life never gets boring in the kingdom of wonder. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Die BRD GmbH

Gute Zusammenfassung der Rechtslage um die BRD:

Saemtliche Fakten koennen natuerlich durch Google und sogar Anfragen bei der Gemeinde ueberprueft werden. Habe ja vor geraumer Zeit dazu schon mal was verlinkt, einen Vortrag von Andreas Clauss und die jeweiligen Firmeneintraege im Handelsregister. Tja, liebe Verwandten, das sind einige der schwerwiegensten Gruende fuer unsere Auswanderung aus Deutschland!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Epic Browser

While surfing the internet you make a lot of people rich by selling the tracking results of your surfing to the common suspects like Facebook, Google etc. While using the awesome (Open Source!!!) Epic Browser you'll likely notice the incredible speed in which the browser is getting you to your destinations. While all advertisements and trackers are blocked you see the blocking in real-time and be likely pretty stunned sooner or later when realizing how they track you like a toy-robot and recording everything you do.At this point while writing the posting in the Epic browser it blocked already 96!!! tracking attempts!

The arrow marks the Proxi on and off switch, just perfect.:)
After finishing this tread the tracker counter is up to 279!!! trackers blocked, thanks to the developer team, its our new default browser.:)

Download the Epic Browser here.:)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The new trading system rocks !!!

After ten years abstinence I'm finally back to the professional "TaiPan Realtime" from Lenz & Partner in Germany. TaiPan is widely used by institutional investors, asset managers and dedicated day-traders alike. The trader can for instance apply all sorts of indicators, moving trend lines and much more into the real-time chart. The trader also got access to the times & sales by a mouse-click along with unbelievable versatile adjustment opportunities, filters and so on, just give it a try.:)

The most recent version 8.0 is a huge improvement over the older version I used years ago for a short while and are considering it well worth the costs in relation to its capabilities.:)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Encrypted email

For friends and blog users, who want to send us encrypted emails or files we're publishing upon request our public key:

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1 - WinPT 1.4.3 Charset: UTF-8 Comment: Gnu Privacy Tools Comment: Download at mQENBFO/+X8BCADqmDJazoaYJlPE7gf+3ZGcpzyu3M3Aa8wOjWB9ZPfsfhTAR8XA 6vUIa07uyYvMnp000MJUiAM9CczEBZu2Es3rsfin6SwFW+IBjL0DJ7xUFKjI/uVu MbkGT6h+xYgQJtjr92+Jan3ArY6p442zCjt/tPeULuej72/FcpuaXd7F+6iuf1XK LBjfp+4HTlItZtG1b3DQ5Ag76FUIF5b6rtblIdcGBmeNsDV0CSr8xDHgUBqSQjHU mdcIbizB+0DsjsV8pAx3jReNfpMZUKFtuUOfF8UStpgSVQrWxLw95fleHSnMpWg1 MQV6fs3DDGB814vZ2yQ8Sq0mqBaUUEj+i24rABEBAAG0J1Nhc2NoYSBOb3dhayA8 c2FzY2hhc3Bvc3Rib3hAeWFob28uY29tPokBOAQTAQIAIgUCU7/5fwIbAwYLCQgH AwIGFQgCCQoLBBYCAwECHgECF4AACgkQFqOgtR/4nDhKMAgAkCEch1Gu8Jr46ryA fgjRKnNPjlBhvloF5aOUkLimAUCuSoQp5v8PsruwaNqWTz7Ar6lYu2hb809Cr9EY uIqEBjJYiItCSv50jW4kBNkBYNACmxe+jG5ljqIj9U+fleXH7scPZGbDMUk0DVfB Vv9Z8k3ciigoBmTSvA7HHZjzQiBhff3XHH6QlfXjjdzcT3nPXWwj31XuLs0Vo0O/ nc3hA7P8u2eHKHsA6PHTAqKRGK9gM6vIchogzd1zYLweoggNCJZvSq+Kbc8aODj1 EYiadsW56i8riYv/ivWqB0ZVQfvFJWvwip7Bp3dFA1LgS5GjGrYsMIqWQR0vCGUO Ff7oy7kBDQRTv/l/AQgAwU+nAfJ6PStItEA5yjz7fMgWD1/gmAcNLpN7PVq3GZdi Rusuc92GoMvBGvDGTPVFN8KS2SsFusx8SBoOpBUrPePiJRR3V3B/duM2nG9QZ00r /LG6oPGpdlfGW1WFn7jHxB2iJ0SZqaT/9J3i/pm5tPTj/y8ys7ynFRAV+8KMEIXM kMDasTqOmth9JMiq4kTf5sTxnBX0XB4sPPtLucemm2UH4JW0X2QH2/NQ8MTBRiZi C2J8H+YpakJ02ewfi2bkKWjtmV3A31KyZrIcUPoil0V2/s+rEIQhpOqmUDULOiqA 1uIpEtx+c20hReePFnX6G3kBLk+KD4Q2jRSMmben+QARAQABiQEfBBgBAgAJBQJT v/l/AhsMAAoJEBajoLUf+Jw4XeUIAMtY+GQMQWoLjXDJsmhgOV4fi8cKW9dIZwuV 4YNPr+o0BGOdTdr7GUeJ4Oxdk3Vdxptq2MnneRVmARw2BrffSbzqllqlaQ/VW06I w5TIgZM6R8opkj3+S71wCJekVqMiTbZCIOesRVsesOtkrnDVBZGP4MO9OJC2uy06 w/RFVaoRuwA4t5hoL6xrdaN1Ak7kUwwc5yTP3VDl0P9lva9ENmEvZkZT1tyBwxTg uXzBuG3quf1HT9oi8e7SPYwsUChkEGLACK92OKXFNhTvpRyQShbOsNTBbrasFDe2 W/IXr6095tFSVpyv/D4G4znqlmJjMfSMjsOBV8rsiMY14l9/b9w= =njLT -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

Related search keywords to the topic if you're interested in "Internet Safety":
-Download Windows Privacy Tray-WinPt
-Tails Linux OS (Edward Snowden's OS of choice)
-Ghost VPN
Epic Browser
How to encrypt your E-mail.
Thunderbird client + enigmail addon + WinPt = 100% confidential email exchange,but never write your private post in the browser, at best directly on the cliboard instead to enhance safety. This combination is very simple to use, guess I maybe could teach it even to a monkey.:-)
The simplest solution works the following:
After downloading and installation go to WinPT in your system tray, click to "edit clipboard" and write or copy your text right there. Then click "PGP" on top and "encrypt" it with the public key of the recipient you've imported in your key manager in advance. Copy the encrypted text into your common email provider's compose section and send it,done. this way you never write text into the browser where it could be detected and recorded. The encrypted files or messages could also been send by Skype or even better "Torchat" once you exchanged each others Tor-chat-user-id by encrypted email.
To open the message the recipient copies the encrypted text into his clipboard and follows the decrypt procedure,done. Of course the public keys need to be exchanged via email before (I just posted mine on the website) in order to to use each others public key to encrypt the massages. Long story short: It doesn't even need an email client to do the job quick and convenient.

"Yes, we scan"! We've to read your emails, you could be a criminal, child abuser or a "Terrorist"!!!:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day Trading

After some questions about my particular stock trading style I made a video.:) Every day is different, this one was a very easy one so far and BASF is a piece of cake at the present day. Enjoy my YouTube movie about "Day Trading":

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Die EU ist das 4. Reich

This article is by far the most interesting I've ever read about the European Union. Don't miss this blog when it comes to political education:
Alles Schall und Rauch
Google Translate will help you to read it in your language of choice.

After you did read the article I suggest to take a look at the Bilderberger participants list. This Horror-Show is reality.:(

Understanding the globalist strategy: Read this article of Personal Liberty in this context.

“Noch sitzt ihr da oben, ihr feigen Gestalten, vom Feinde bezahlt und dem Volke zum Spott. Doch einst wird wieder Gerechtigkeit walten, dann richtet das Volk und es gnade euch Gott.”
C. Th. Körner, 1791-1813

Friday, May 23, 2014

Russischer Komiker ueber Conchita Wurst

Der hochgradig verbloedete und degenerierte Westen hat sich wieder mal so richtig zum Clown gemacht: Die Antwort des russischen Komikers auf dieseSchwuchtel-Propaganda ist unbezahlbar.:) Angesichts der vielen atemberaubenden russischen (echten) Frauen im Publikum brauchte ich nach dem Video erst mal'ne kalte Dusche.:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BMW trade

I bought these stocks right before at 89,28 € and'll keep them a little while.:)
The stock made a little downturn for about eight minutes and is recovering to 0,1 % below my buy quote right now.
Finally I sold the stock for today with 0,08 $ gain per share, what a waste of time.:(

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heidelberger Cement Trade

I bought these stocks right before at 62,33€ :
Sold for 62,93€
Around 1 % within 4 hours.:) Was a quite bumpy ride as you can see in the whole intra-day chart:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am flabbergasted after watching this video

100 % proof of Michelle Obama being in fact a man in this video, no doubt on my side. The video was attached to a website, publishing the whole story.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hier die Nachrichten ueber die Nachrichten

Realsatire von Dr. Alfons Proebstl rueckt das aktuelle Zeitgeschehen mal wieder perfekt ins richtige Licht.:)

"Im übrigen gilt ja hier derjenige, der auf den Schmutz hinweist, für viel gefährlicher als der, der den Schmutz macht."
Kurt Tucholsky

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A sporty trade with Adidas

Today's first and only trade so far:

That was about 0,6 % in twenty minutes, still waiting since hours for another drop to buy again.:)