Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kampot under water!

The city is suffering hard from the still ongoing heavy rain. The first picture is taken from the bridge, where you can see how close the city is from getting overflown by the rising tide of the Kampot river. The second picture was made from the first restaurant next to the new bridge.

Any more rain and Kampot will be in sirious trouble, once the river has taken the last barrier.:(

In the later afternoon the situation is getting a bit better since it stopped raining since noon. The pic below was shot at about 4pm from the old bridge towards the new one:

I'm not realy the flood expert by any means but I asume that another rise of the rivers tide wouldn't be to good.:(

The main road alongside the Kampot river.

What's at least as worse is that we haven't any running water at home since this morning, very funny!

Update 2:
At the next day the situation has improved, the river tide is about 30cm. lower, the promenade free of water but not cleaned up yet. Even the tap water is back on again.:)

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