Friday, September 4, 2015

Crime is on the rise in Cambodias coastal towns

Dear tourists,
Be adviced to take precautions while beeing in the Kingdom. Particualary the ladies be warned to travel on your own after dark by making sure the taxi or Tuk Tuk driver is known by your guesthouse of departure. Ask the owner to order a taxi for you. This will prevent the driver of trying something harmfull to you when he knows that his identity is known. Don't make yourself a target by carrying valuable belongings. If you have larger amounts of money with you store it seperately with only a small amount beeing visible while you pay. Travel in larger groups after dark and take care of each others safety. Also be aware that it's a common method among criminals to put paralyzing drugs in their victims drinks in order to rob or rape them afterwards-Don't leave your drink unatended at any time. This is a very friendly society but under every tree are also some bad apples, keep that in mind while enjoying the beautiness of the Kingdom of wonder.:)

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