Sunday, April 12, 2015

Just picked up the Paragliding tandem gear in Vietnam

What a trip, I started by night bus to Saigon two days ago, arrived yesterday in the morning, jumped on the next free motorbike taxi to the wing distributor, where I got welcomed by a huge family and a wild kid, who started playing with me the right away as I just would belong to the family. When the seller, Mr. Cuong arrived, we opened the box from Ozone together and checked the delivery. Of course, everything was perfectly in order, so back on the motorbike taxi with this huge backpack in hi-speed through Ho Chi Minh City, to the bus station. There I had to wait for like eight hours for the night bus back. The bus took the route over Ha Tien, which was far faster than going over Phnom Penh like before. We finally passed the Bokor Mountain in Kampot on our way back as a appetizer for the coming tandem flights from the back side of the old casino on top of it.
The gear:

The Oxygen1 harness on the left is the pilot's one, the Oxygen2 opposite for the passenger. I had already adjusted it, installed the rescue parachute in this picture as well as attached the spreader bars and connected them to the rescue, so the gear is ready be used in long ground handling sessions ahead, prior taking it to the mountain. The first launch exercises with the family will be of course filmed and published on the blog very soon.:)
Last but not least, the equipment is very nice made, with a lot of attention to detail, nothing found yet to complain about and I'm not wondering that the former small company, who made my so much liked solowing, the "Addict" has grown to the most successfull wing maker in the world when it comes to sales and competition results in the meantime.
After five years abstinence from paragliding, it's definitely time to fly again, often felt kind of "ground-sick" when looking up to the clouds like a dog who can't reach the bone on the other side of the fence.:) Hopefully the upcoming rainy saison will stay back until end of May to do a few flights before monsun kicks in. We are also planing to move to Kampot in September to get the best out of the next fly season.

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