Monday, March 7, 2016

Deutschland auf dem Weg zum "Failed State"

To read the news nowadays about our former home country Germany is beyong anything I would have aspected. The speed in which things turned from bad to worse is unbelivable! We don't read any mainsh... media anymore since years and rather rely on independent info sites. While reading articles like this one we remain convinced that we've done the right thing to move here over five years ago. Despite all critics we faced when leaving Europe for good the reasons should be by now even for the worst ignorants easily visible. The law of causality can't be replaced by good will and ideologic ignorance in the longer term. All the commited mistakes like the mass migration of total retards and barbarians, who tread women worse than livestock and commit crimes on a daily basis have turned one of the safest countries in the world into a banana republic where the law has no meaning anymore.

Baden mit Steinzeitmenschen

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