Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tandem launch in Sihanoukville

Was flying with a friend here, a short flight with landing in the valley.


  1. Hey there! Are you still in Sihanoukville and flying there?

    In any case, happy flights!


    1. Hi Jon,
      We moved to Vietnam a week ago. Best wishes Sascha

    2. Sounds good! I have actually just moved to Cambodia. I'm a pilot and brought my wing with me. I have yet to explore the options but I understand there are 2 sites you can fly from here: Bokor and Sihanoukville (near Otres Beach if I'm not mistaken). Before I go for it though, I am eager to learn everything there is to know about these sites. Paragliding it seems is not much of a thing in Cambodia and doing my research, you are one of the few active pilots in the area lately. It's a great opportunity for me to be able to reach you!

      Any recommendations/things to know for flying in Sihanoukville? Have you ever tried launching from Bokor (was up there a couple of weeks ago, but without my wing - a beautiful yet impressive spot and the nearest landing option seems quite far)? At this stage, any piece of info would be extremely useful. Hope you don't mind! Best

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  2. Hello Jonathan,
    I'm afraid that I've to dissapoint you regarding paragliding at Bokor. We moved to Kampot last year to start a tandem business but had to face the fact that the wind never was in my favour. Without an East take-off it's just not possible because within 3 months of parawaiting the wind never switched to sea breeze.
    In SHV this leaves you only with a very small window of thermals you can launch into coming from the seaside while the constantly present East wind interrupts any soaring dreams and forced me to land a minute after the start. If you take the risk anyway be aware of the rotor, located in front of the Rosana cafe, don't fly too close to before landing in the valley.
    The SHV take off is full of sharp rocks you can't even see because of the high growing grass all over the place.
    Cambodia isn't the place for our sport, to be honest with you. :(

  3. A video clip of a flight on my FB page:

  4. Oh bummer... I had seen that video actually and, well, didn't seem to me like that was an epic day. But if I understand you well, that's probably the best you can get around here... Looking at the forceast lately, I had noticed the wind usually blowing from all directions except the right one - true, with a strong eastern tendency. I was kinda hoping for that to change, as it would in most parts of the world! What also got my hopes up was watching a video like this one: Is this the place you remember taking off from in SHV? Scenery seems somewhat different. Tandem flying for at least 5 minutes, I guess it's a start. Was there ever a time you managed to stay up for a bit? Does that eastern wind ever calm down? Did you ever try going solo? How's the landing in SHV?

    Thanks for the tips though, if I do manage to go airborne, I'll sure pay attention to that rotor.

    In any case, seems like you'll be a bit luckier in Vietnam, hope you enjoy it!

  5. My buddy Kamen, who flew near SHV was launching next to the airport before it got opened, wouldn't dare to do that now. I tried this side only once, the first and only flight since we left Europe. After been a dedicated xc pilot in the Austrian Alps for years I don't unpack the wing for that.
    I've no time for flying here in Vietnam yet and are currently working on my carrier and a solid income first. I don't have a solo wing anymore and sold my beloved Ozone Addict when we left the EU disaster zone 6 years ago. :(
    I suggest to keep the very basic medical treatment conditions in mind before doing something stupid at this inadequate take off, Jonathan.

  6. You're right, I might have to give it a miss altogether. What a disappointment though - one of the reasons I applied for a job here is because I thought I could actually fly. Thank you!...

    I'll let you know if ever things look up in terms of flyability. In any case, thanks for taking time out to respond to me in detail, as well as for your incline for safety. You don't know me yet you still care, which is cool. I guess that's what the flying community is all about - the first thing I love about it I must say.

    All the best with settling into Vietnam, wishing you luck with this new chapter in life.