Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wisdoms of the day

Some more wisdoms for my low educated friend "Anonymus",who is affronting me since today again.:)

"The amount of our enviers is confirming our abilities."
Oskar Wilde
Irish dramatist & author

"To live is very infrequent in the world.Most humans are only existing."
Oskar Wilde

"If i would have no enemies and enviers i would be probably iniquitous."
Armin Müller Stahl
German actor


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  2. Hi Tong Chen,thanks for your comment.We are living since 8 months in Sihanouk Ville and are enjoying Cambodia a lot since our arrival.
    Thanks for the link,your blog is even more impressive,looks like the work of a professional webdesigner.
    Kind regards

  3. The english version of Tong Chen's blog:
    (Link at the bottom of the Chinese page)

    Wow,check that out!