Saturday, April 16, 2011

A busy Saturday

After time with the family i'm actualysing all the installed programms and still find some we don't need anymore to deinstall them.I keep the system as slim as possible and exept the 70GB personal files on the PC and of course the only OS(XP Pro)is everthing else saved on external HDD's plus the backup of the personal files included the software collection.
Three of our five partitions are empty and got recently fresh formated-more than 500GB.
The computer runs very fast and reliable this way.:)
I upgraded before allready:
Q-Dir Filemanager
For us a very important tool and the only one to organize the computer,open files and movies and so on.We don't open the Windows Explorer at all anymore.
(Install file is less than 0.7MB.)
SiSoftware Sandra
System Analisis-Detailed and helpfull program,finder of weak points within the system.(Install file 56MB)
Sumo Updater
Scans all installed software for actuality and manages the update,too.(Install file5MB)
Provides a insight in the condition of used HDD's.(Install file 6MB.)

I'm not done yet,but more than half the way.

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