Sunday, April 10, 2011

I 'll start flying again

I intent to get myself a harness,rescue and a nice solo wing over here for next fly season after monsun(guess December).
I saw the cloudbase today at 600-1000 meter ,adequate for some nice soaring,acro flying and spirals(i love to fly spirals).The wind was quite strong,so it needs to be a fast wing again,at least a DHV 2,like my last Ozone Addict-a good wing indeed.
Guess i dump the tandem idea and get some quality solo air time again.:)
In Austria i had 2 harnesses,a very light Supair hiker harness and a Advance Impress,a closed one(looks like the guy is flying in his sleeping bag)for cross country(haven't made it that far).
In the Sihanouk Ville area to fly would be cool for certain in like today's conditions.:)
100's of used wings are offered in the internet and i would just have to make it clear with the seller to send it to our post adress in Sihanouk Ville,visible left hand side.
I sold my Addict to a pilot from Hungary,so sending them all over the world is no problem.
I also could buy the new Addict follower in Thailand,from a guy i flyed quite a time together.
This would be the solo wing,if i would get the new one:

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