Thursday, April 7, 2011

Virus protection for Android,Ifone,Symbian and BlackBerry

Hacker attacks are on the rise,also the smartfones are vulnerable to treats.
Keep the following in mind to protect your smartfone:
Never open links in SMS or MMS.If it's urgently necessary,check them for their authenticity,for instance through calling the sender.
Avoid online banking over your smartfone and use the PC/Notebook instead with installed adequate protection.
Check your bill conscientiously for irregularities,as high data traffic or massive SMS movement.
Check every App. you intent to install in detail for user opinions,check the webside of the developer and read the manual in advance.

Adequate protection is offered for instance by Kaspersky mobile security for Android,Blackberry,Symbian and Windows mobile.The software provides encrypting datas,establishing blacklists and is scanning in the background for dangerous network connections.KMS is also establishing a firewall.
The security software is offered for a free 30 day trial.

Jailbroken ifones are open to viruses too,because the jailbrake is also erasing all security installations.
If you're activating a SSH-connection make sure to change the root password before,which is by factory"alpine"-hackers know this of course as well.:)
It's considered fishy,if a game is requesting adresses or GPS datas.

For Symbians is for free MobiShield available.This App is blocking incoming Bluetooth or internet connections.The App is also preventing the unintended sending of SMS or MMS.

Stay safe.:)

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