Monday, January 14, 2013

We had a motorcycle accident!

I got driven off the motorbike a few days ago while driving with Danny,crashing in a like 12 year old boy on a bicycle,who all of a sudden turned in front of our bike without looking before if someone comes along behind him!
Many guys here drive out of a parking lot without checking the traffic situation in advance,incomprehensible!
We suffered only minor injuries because we was driving so slow and did hit the bicycle with around 10 km/h.The bike damage is only 77$ and we get it repaired in a few days from now.

By the way,I need to admit that I did motorcycle racing in the past but in this case I could have been 5 times world champion and still would have crashed,please drive slowly and concious,wear your helmets and use the horn a lot.

Link to the Traffic rules posting a few months ago.

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