Saturday, January 5, 2013

The party of our neighbours

We did leave the still ongoing party right before and enjoyed it a lot.
The food was great as Cambodian food well prepared usually is.
Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to get Danny to try this strange looking but just delicious food as well as kids usually are.:)This time he tried it all and liked any of it particular the huge fish in it's indescribable sauce-The Kingdom of wonder on a plate.:)
We was the only western foreigners among 80-100 guests and it just did feel very unique and exotic,hard to characterize.:)The Cambodians are friendly,lovely and very hospitable people.Danny had more than a few kids to play with after the supper and enjoyed it as well.:)

We considered it a bit impolite and inadequate to take pictures and publish them in the Internet afterwards,so no pictures.:)Just join Cambodia yourself and experience it,life is a journey.:)

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