Thursday, January 3, 2013

0,5% with Merck right before

Another nice trade so far and the day isn't over yet.
I went in this one with 95% of the trading capital (50 bucks) and proudly earned half a kilo of tomato in less than two hours.:-)
This evening is a tomato salad on the menu while I will try next to earn the onion or we just ask the neighbour.:)
The next trade:Merck
By the way,we don't pay even half a tomato on taxes here.:)


  1. hey man,
    first of all nice blog :)
    ah you are a trader?
    do you already know tradimo?
    there u can learn how to become an expert in trading!!!!
    because u have the style and the money.
    test it

  2. Hey reader,
    sorry for replying late,busy life.:)
    Thanks for your compliments and your feedback.:)
    Yes,bought my first tocks 21 years ago when I was 19.
    Not yet.
    Well,to be honest with you I am already having a failure/success rate of 1 to 9 in my trading decisions.:)
    I will join your website and test,promised.:)