Friday, January 11, 2013

How to raise a son?

Well, I never had a dad in that sense.
The most important thing in my life and also the best ever happen to me is my son.Guess only very dedicated parents can understand what that means to have a child you love more than yourself,you would do anything for.
We did bring here to raise him in modesty,culture and freedom.As a plant grown on good soil of parents who are all the time there for him over all philosophy plays a very important role in our way to teach him what is necessary and will enable him later for anything he desires to become.Daniel is a very curious kid who is having a lot of questions.We reply to every single one in detail and are often surfing the net for the most detailed answer.Sometimes we are sitting in the bed together and are reading philosophy like the once about the for him so fascinating Samurai.We was reading things like this for instance:

Danny turned very disciplined and concious by such guidance a long time ago and his speed of reading or his skilled handwriting is each time impressive to me.He is often leaving me flabbergasted how fast he did this or that.
We started for instance a while ago with daily half a page dictate.
Danny is at first writing the words as he think it's correct.The edit of misspelling follows afterwards.Each error gets written in a separate book and after all repeated twice in the correct manner.His progress is very impressive and his dedication is gaining him so much confidence.In fact he seeks the challenge to archive the confirmation of his abilities he is well aware of.In my opinion the way it should be.
But there would be so much more to tell.:)

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