Friday, October 26, 2012

No traffic rules in Sihanoukville!

After visiting a friend with a broken collarbone right before who got driven down of his motorbike a couple of days ago I just want to repeat a warning to all tourists:
Take your time while driving here,aspect anything at any time,be prepared to emergency brakes or evasion.Use the horn whenever your seventh sense is telling you to do so.

Motorcycling in this sometimes insane traffic conditions works like the sex among the hedgehogs-very carefully.:)

Update on this sad topic:
Another friend of us,a British business woman got driven down of her off-road bike and suffered skull injuries as well as a demage of a lung wing.:(A very bad accident who caused multiple surgeries.

I got driven of the motorbike a few days ago while driving with Danny,crashing in a like 12 year old boy who all of a sudden turned in front of our bike without looking before if someone comes along behind him!
Many guys here drive out of a parking lot without checking the traffic situation in advance,incomprehensible!
We suffered only minor injuries because we was driving so slow and did hit the bicycle with around 10 km/h.The bike damage is only 77$ and we get it repaired in a few days from now.
By the way,I need to admit that I did motorcycle racing in the past but in this case I could have been 5 times world champion and still would have crashed,please drive slowly and concious,wear your helmets and use the horn a lot.

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