Monday, October 29, 2012

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Once a while a publication of the visitors list.The blog is less frequented since a while but this could change pretty soon since the tourist season is approaching.:) Today's most frequented postings: We aren't making any money with it and won't bother you therefore with any kind of advertisement but are definitely enjoying to share opinions and knowledge.Of course I'm also not getting tired to show you on this pages what criminals are ruling the world and for what unbelievable wrongdoings and lies this lunatics are capable of.:)
Take for instance the time to check out the posting about chemtrails in this context.
Personally I just consider this my humble contribution to make this world a little bit better place and open peoples eyes,to encourage you to a investigative thinking beside mainstream media and state conform indoctrination.

Just never stop asking the wrong questions.:-)

Such a totally wrong question could be for instance if there are really so many rotten trees under the earth to provide a daily supply of millions of barrels of oil to mankind?:-)
Or if for instance oil is against all lies of governments in fact not a fossil burning but a abiotic commodity which is of unlimited supply and gets pumped up of self refilling beds 25.000 feet underneath from the earth core which is producing oil as some sort of chemical reaction?
Would it make sense to tell the public rubbish to keep the price high and rip everyone off?
To answer this question just google "abiotic oil" and learn instead of looking like a hypnotised sheep in the idiot box to watch the most recent gossip and get brainwashed by commercials of the for instance totally trendy brand-new and very important looking Nino Verrucci jacket.

Just another well hidden state secret which gets brought up to your attention at Sascha's blog.:)

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