Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Saturday in our life

This morning we did begin the day as usual in the noodle soup kitchen.:)
After household work we got joined by a friendly Russian lady and her little daughter who are living since almost a year in Cambodia as well.We did talk yesterday for the first time at the bakery.Her husband had to stay at home because of stomach irritations.We had a great time anyway and a lot to speak about.We said goodbye around lunchtime,but the family invited us back at the coming weekend.:)
After spending the hottest time of the day at home and watching the new episode of Pirates of the Caribbean we did drive to Otres beach and talked on the way back home to some young guys from France who are travelling since a year and are urgently looking for a income source."We would work for food and a bed"-oh man!I suggested to ask in the Monkey Republic or the Utopia for a job.With them was also a young woman who looked very sad,that did hurt to meet some more pleasant but also disappointed victims of circumstances,the lost generation of the bloody EU-crisis.:-(
Right now Danny is repeating the clock in English with Michaela before he will go to bed pretty soon.:)

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