Monday, November 14, 2011

A morning with a Russian family

The friendship to the Russian family mentioned before is getting tighter. After a nice Saturday afternoon at their huge and just stunning three storey house with swimming pool we took the family to the noodle soup kitchen this morning and they just liked the place and food as we do. The couple is also very inquisitive to improve their English what is making the conversations quite agile when we are trying with hands and feet to express ourself.:)
Our kids are coming well along with each other as well even without a common language and the affection of the family is just contractual.
We will spend the afternoon again at their place and I offered to take care of their notebook.I will update their software to the most useful configuration,just check the PC section for that matter.:)

We ended the day at our most liked beach bar and are looking forward to a jungle trip next weekend and some more mutual noodle soup breakfasts in the meantime.:)

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