Monday, November 7, 2011

A cell phone at the repair

One of our cell phones took recently a bath and therefore did quit the service.
Today the phone and myself went with good intentions to a repair service at the market in order to get that thing cleaned.From now on the adventure began.
After handing the phone over the mechanic opened it and said"No problem,come back in an hour and it likely will work again for 5$ fee"-excellent.
After returning as said to the shop they tried to ensure me that another old cucumber was my phone,it just aged ten years while being in their repair shop for a little while.I requested my own cell phone back anyway and got the answer that another mechanic took it elsewhere and that they will get it back in another hour,first doubts on my part came up?!?
Anyway,I thought lets give this "professionals" a bit more time to figure out where that thing is.After being to the repair shop for the 3rd. time they just asked me to come back once again in another hour or tomorrow.That was the point when hell broke loose for these crooks and I told these fools that they can explain the Police pretty soon what happened to my phone,they shouldn't try to rip me off because I wasn't born twenty minutes ago!
That obviously helped and they handed the right phone over,but without the battery!After another complain about that the battery suddenly made it back into my possession as well!

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