Monday, November 21, 2011

No $$$ to make with BMW right now:(

At least my expectations for this day was right so far.

The whole DAX is just a disappointment and it's getting worse by the minute:
The bottom of this ongoing market drop will be the next opportunity to make good money.That's the part when patience and persistence (Feel free to read the Bushido posting) will pay.:)

On the other hand I had to close the last trade ten trading days ago! urgently after only 5 minutes when I was trading BMW.They went up almost one percent in the right direction before turning like a falling rock!Still was able to rescue 0.34% gain,what was just ridiculous compared to the expectation.:(
I do really miss the competition with the other market participants since,but I was just to scared to endure that again.:(
Just check the chart to see that the stock is still having some short phases of recovery,therefore opportunities but not with my nerves.:)

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