Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our home made joghurt

What you see at this picture is our hi-tech yoghurt maker to make our own as it's made since six thousand years.:)
How to:
Use UHT full milk and heat it the way in the picture up to 40 degrees Celsius and keep it there.
Use three spoons of the best yoghurt you can buy as the starter.
Mix this starter separately 50/50 with the milk you got in the container, bring the starter up to 35 degrees and add it to the milk.
Add two teaspoons of sugar as nutrition for the bacteria you are about to spread troughout the milk.
Keep on stirring the coming product frequently for 4-8 hours and maintain at best 38 degrees while the process.
After you're done put the yoghurt in the fridge where it will stay fresh for around ten days(Supermarket yoghurt stays fresh for two months, likely not without added preservatives and additional thickeners).
Enjoy your home made yoghurt with sugar, fruits, honey...:)
You can of course use this yoghurt as a starter again and again.You never have to buy another one.:)

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