Friday, August 10, 2012


Another busy week with continuous day trading gains is coming to an end.The Dow Jones is still trying his top marks.A few good news and the resistance at 13215 points is history(QE3 now!).:)
This DAX chart with GD 200,a GD 55 and a 20 day average Bollinger Band.The Gold Cross of the GD 55 and the GD 200 is very convincing:

BMW made us quite happy this week and remains very interesting.The stock got a strong support mark around 58€,where the GD 20 & the GD 55 are currently located.Once the stock takes the GD 200 at 61,70€ we will trade it all the way up to 74€.:)

Yesterdays trading of the stock was a ride in roller coaster with 1.7% gain after two trades until market closure.If I find the time today I'll maybe document a whole trading day included buy and sell quotes in real time.:)

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