Friday, August 10, 2012

A whole trading day from the beginning

First market mood in the pre-DAX:

Nice,they open hopefully low at 9 am. and are recovering later:)
In the worst case the stock would drop below the lowest quote of the previous days(59,29€&59,04€). If these important support marks prevail another interesting day is about to come.:)
The current sidewards movement of the stock is very appealing and each start of the good days in the last weeks was quite low and constantly increasing,closing near the intra day top.

An hour later in the pre-market:

In the meantime is music of Ludwig van Beethoven giving the nearing business day a calming atmosphere.

8.50 am:
Order mask on the second Notebook get's filled:

The second one is connected by Mobile I-Net stick to ensure highest stability.

9.52 am.:
A very week day so far.The didn't take the first resistance mark but dropped below the intra-day support mark and will likely fall further.:(
I didn't take advantage of the first green street because the stock is in the important oscillators in the upper sector.
The FS 14 confirmed by this move for instance another sell signal:

More than two hours after opening is the DAX still deep red,seems the party is over for this week.:(

The stock gained back from its low but the slim trading range made me decide against buying.

Danny is asking right now for driving motorbike,guess I safe this risky day.:)

After we returned home we discovered that the stock lost again almost down to the previous low and did the next step very suddenly beneath it in a large gap.That's exactly the reason why to stay away of such unpredictable "chances" in a bad market:

Many red candles in a short upward move are by the way a sign for a lot of doubts in the market.

This tread will be continued next week.:)

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