Sunday, July 1, 2012

DAX:The first gleam of hope

The first trend breaking candle could be the turning point,let's wait for a confirmation candle first.
Heidelberger Cement is looking very convincing to me and I am about to switch from trading BMW to this stock.

Was by the way very shocked about Merkels decision for the ESM that I wasn't able to trade last Friday.Such a treason on the country took me a moment to apprehend.
That was definitely the darkest day in recent German history after a long line of inconceivabilities since the Kohl era.Such people should be tarred and feathered on a daily basis until the end of their days!

We are not born twenty minutes ago and know exactly why we did leave our country eight years ago.Germany is on it's way into very dark times and crossed on Friday the last point of return!

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