Monday, July 16, 2012

DAX knowledge for Danny/Heidelberger Cement

This morning Danny and me did talk about my trading.We went over learning chart-pattern,gliding averages into the next trade for this week:Heidelberger Cement.
After analysing the chart of the stock together we did talk more about the cooperation itself and went to their Homepage:

Danny did read the info about Heidelberger Cement and will help me again to buy the stocks later if it looks promising.:)
The chart:

Danny isn't so deep involved in my work yet,what is imho good but is often asking questions and is just learning fast.:)
We had in the first two hours two successful trades but they didn't break the barrier yet so we sold twice to stay safe.:)

They dropped below the last sell quote in the meantime while we're waiting to buy again.The whole situation isn't that convincing yet:

The stock wasn't as strong as expected.The third trade of the day made another little gain,all together around 0,7% after fees,will check that tomorrow.:)

Seen afterwards we should have stayed with BMW for day-trading:

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