Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's hot these days in Sihanouk Ville

There are three different seasons in this part of the world:
The dry season from December to April with convenient tropical temperatures,the main tourist season.

Followed by the hot season between April and June as right now.
During noon it's almost unbearable and in this minute 38 degrees in the shade here.I did some food shopping for the lunch right before and bought 1,5 kg chicken at the market and a yoghurt as ingredient for the marinade at the supermarket and be pretty finished off after this little excursion.Every single step you take at this time of the day makes you sweat.Four to five short showers a day are normal for us and helps to endure it.:)
Therefore we are looking forward to the third season of the year:

The rainy season between June and December when it's cooling down again.The nights in this time of the year can be surprisingly chilly and windy,a warm blanket is advisable.Danny did catch a cold last year when the thermometer dropped to 21 degrees for a few days.:)

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