Sunday, April 8, 2012


We are always enjoying to explain the locals our western citizen rip-off system.:-)
Michaela told our landlord recently the story about the by the government demanded isolation of houses in order to drop the usage of heating oil down to annually 7 litre per square meter.The house owners are burdened by average costs of 100.000€ for renovation of their property to fulfil these new EU standards.The banks as well as the construction industry is of course appreciating this new law.
The comment of our landlord:
"They are crazy!"We did come surprisingly to the same conclusion.:-)

In my humble opinion the banks&construction industry did bribe the politicians,they voted for the law and the citizens will pay,included of course high interests to these gangsters for the dept they have to take to keep their property legal,just the way it works nowadays!Right afterwards this stolen money will make the construction industry happy.Even more laws like this will be created soon to rip the middle class off and transfer their money to the almighty banks and others who are pulling the strings of our political Muppet show.

This state is even demanding tax on taxes!
Example:The gas price is adding up by the gas itself,the Environmental tax and the oil tax.As for any good the state puts 19% VAT on this price which already includes two different taxes-just another rip-off and illegal because double taxing is against the law!

Goldman Sachs & Co. is ruling the world and they obviously can do whatever they want!
The politicians are spoiled of lobbyists,who are doing everything to make them work in their favour,while the normal citizen is having no lobbyists around these guys at all and need to fight for their basis rights on a daily basis,on lost ground!

Schäuble-Nichte lästert in der Schweiz über hohe deutsche Steuern

"The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments."
George Washington

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