Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Neurodermatitis:Cause and natural treatment

If the bowel is not functioning adequately, which has in a latent eczema - as with all other skin diseases - always affect the skin.

A dysbacteria (imbalance between the good and the bad intestinal bacteria) in the gut, inflamed mucous membranes of the intestinal walls - caused by strong medications such as antibiotics, cortisone, etc - or prevent other intestinal disorders an appropriate evaluation of food. Half-digested food particles then lead to toxic processes within the intestine and can cause dermatitis with appropriate constitution.

To approach the problem it's necessary to be aware of the cause.For luck no one in my family is suffering on ND.

The natural cure is the following:

Natural yoghurt(At least 500 ml/day) is balancing the bowel bacteria,so just eat as much yoghurt as you can,multiple times a day!Combine the therapy with Vitamin B pills.Stay away of stress and just have another Yoghurt instead.:)When introducing the theory to the affected wife of a friend she just followed my advice and cured her ND-problem within a few weeks.:)
Further advice for effected people:
-No smoking
-No Coffee
-No wheat products
-No corn
-No sugar

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  1. Addition:
    How to make your own yoghurt:

    This posting is by the way very frequented and I am very pleased to help effected people with this advice.

    Get well soon!

    Kind regards