Monday, January 30, 2012

Trouble with the Metfone internet connection

Since last Friday we're having issues with our Metfone home internet line.At Saturday we had a technician in the house taking care of it since the connection did quit completely.Since this time it's working again but not reliable by any means.For example in the last two hours the circuit to the server took a break for a couple of minutes for the fifth time in a row.:-(
We are using a additional mobile stick of the same company to be prepared for such incidents as well as the quite common power outages in the Sihanouk Ville area(The electricity net in the capital is way more reliable for that matter),but it just bothers and we're right now debating to cancel our home internet pretty soon if they can't get the lack of reliability fixed soon.

The alternative for us would be to increase the Metfone stick data volume to 20 GB instead of the 700 MB for 3$ per month we are using right now as back-up and quit the home internet flat-rate at all,we'll see.


Somehow improved the reliability again since this posting was published.Need to admit that we're satisfied and faithful costumers from the beginning on and are convinced to stick to the company if they do their part.:)The pretty service ladies in their office branch where I pay the monthly bill in personal each month are of course another serious reason to stay with Metfone.:)

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