Saturday, January 21, 2012

Never so much booze again

We was again spending yesterdays evening at a friends place near the Catholic church here in town.Our friend Larry from Kentucky got maintained his notebook by me last weekend and invited us again for dinner of fish and chips.
Another friend of him from France joined him as well and we had a good time.
Nor my beauty or me are used at all to whisky and brandy what had a destructive effect on both of us.The problem of such high percentage booze is the great taste of it,makes it hard to stop soon enough.That's why we rarely never drink more than just a beer or two instead.Somehow was yesterday the time for a exemption.
The Jack Daniels distillery is only a few hours away of our buddy's house,just quite iconic to drink some No.7 with a pal who actually lives there.
Larry is owning 40 acres of land in good location and is as much a trigger-happy sport shooter as I am.So of course the idea came up weeks ago to build a shooting range for IPSC and IDPA matches at his land.A 200 yard rifle range is also planned.It would all come down to the FFL (Federal Firearms License) for our friend.He will apply for the FFL (gun dealer license)as soon as he is back in the States.Once he got it we would join him and helping him to set up this business.Of course we will sell guns and ammo too,offer beginner courses and I intend to participate in matches as long as our visa is valid.
The shooting range itself will be unique,something special and a long line of shooters will wait every weekend to send some lead downrange at Larry's place.:)
Check out the private range of Hickok45 to get an rough idea what's planned:

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