Monday, September 19, 2011

Recommendation-Buy your new notebook in Sihanouk Ville while beeing here on holiday

The prices are very,very cheap and i strongly suggest to buy your new notebook here before your holiday is over.:)
In Sihanouk Ville are plenty of PC-shops along the main street.We have best experiences with "PC Peanich Computer/" opposite the Shell gas station,where we did buy our one three months ago.
The tread-A new notebook
I did compare the prices with Germany via and did find out that we saved around 30% to a comparable equipped Acer in Germany(Our model 4738 isn't available there).A price difference of around 40% was the case for the U.S. after checking prices on

By the way,i did talk a few weeks ago to a couple from Siberia who followed my first suggestion of the "The new notebook" tread and did buy their new Toshiba in Sihanouk Ville.The both where very happy about their decision and appreciated the advice.:)

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