Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The new I-phone 5 "NSA Edition"

If you belong to the people who like to share their location, their text messages, their pictures, their phone calls, their appointments, their most visited websites, their online payment actions and much more with the curious government you need it-The new I-Phone 5:

To make sure the government knows who they are spying on the new I-phone 5 "NSA Edition" contains a fingerprint sensor as well. This way you can help the authorities to establish the largest fingerprint data bank the world has ever seen. Therefore they always can be sure at which person they spy on whenever you use your phone.:-)

Senator asks if FBI can get iPhone 5S fingerprint data via Patriot Act
Apple-Innovationen: Bei den Geheimdiensten knallen die Sekt-Korken
NSA has complete control of your iPhone, can activate your microphone and camera without you knowing
Mit der richtigen Ausrüstung könnte sogar die Polizei bei einer Verkehrskontrolle Daten aus iPhones abschöpfen!

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