Friday, July 5, 2013

Danny's English Course

The most recent English work of Danny:

He writes text on topics he can choose by himself and gets help to translate it afterwards into German. Any difficulties he encounters will be written subsequently in his vocabulary book. These unknown words are used by him to form new sentences which are supposed to contain at least one new word each in different tenses. The learning curve and progress of learning according to this method is very effective in my observation.
When I got "recruited" years ago in a Thai guesthouse to work as teacher I had no clue how to teach a foreign language since I never learned how to teach in the first place. During this time I developed this kind of teaching and was flabbergasted how effective it worked. A principal of a secondary school near Phetchaburi even demanded to hold German courses as well.:)
I enjoyed working as a teacher a lot back then and would take the opportunity any day to start again if I would get the chance here in town. I am about to ask in schools after the approaching holidays for a job, at least for a couple of hours a day.:)
I am by the way well aware that my teaching will be never 100% free of mistakes because I am not a native English speaker, but then would be a lot archived if the students would reach at least my level.:)
Therefore if you find mistakes in my text you can keep them, laugh about it or even try to write a blog in German as a foreign language. Then I would have something to laugh about as well.:)

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