Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville by Tuk Tuk

Took this morning the 9 o'clock bus to the capital,the highly recommended taxi driver of our neighbor wasn't available.Did arrive at 2pm in PP.The first motodub driver got asked where to buy a new Tuk Tuk.He did take me straight to a friend of him and we did drive together on two bikes to a Tuk Tuk dealer.
At arrival a whole crew of employees took care of me and suggested the longer version.The TT's are originaly all without roof and benches and get made to a town taxi each individualy by hand.Therefore we are free to design it as we like our vendor cart in the following days.
After the contract was finished the crew made the selected one going and I took off to Sihanouk Ville at 4 pm.The first meters with that noncompliant vehicle in the traffic of PP will for sure remain in my mind for good.:)
Pretty soon the "Zongshen ZS 150 ZH-8" and I came better along with each other and we made pace.The drive through the country on it towards Sv. was nice,the locals did greet me everywhere and a few pretty girls in a minibus even exchanged kisses with me while overtaking.:-)
Five hours later I did turn finally in our alley and drove by the pre-ceremonies of our landlords second daughters wedding.The face expressions of all the guests and Mr. San Puth,our landlord was just priceless when I stopped right in front of their house and said hallo.:)

Danny jumped right away on the TT and asked me a million questions while I did head straight to the shower first after the twelve hours adventure trip.Can't remember my face ever beeing so dirthy:)

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