Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seven signs you are becoming a modern,brain-dead zombie

(NaturalNews) Of course modern, mush-for-brains, walking dead zombies do not think they are victims of a zombie apocalypse. That's the problem. Part of slipping into zombie-dom is missing the sad fact that it is happening.
You should be terrified of dulling out your mind! If your attitude is "Oh, yeah, heh heh, whatever I don't think there's a problem," then it may be too late for you. This is perhaps the number one sign that your mind is half-baked.
Beyond that, please read the other signs below and pray it is not too late to save yourself.
1. You do not think you are at risk for becoming a mush-for-brains zombie.
As stated: this is the big one. You ARE at risk. Feel the fear and you will be safer.
2. You'll take medication to solve problems that can be solved without medication. Here is a list of 91 ways to gain inner peace quickly. If you are slipping away into utter zombie uselessness, you won't be interested. Studying a long list of things and having to work at them will seem pointless to you.
If you are inclined toward zombie-dom, you'd prefer to pop a pill that will chill you out. When you have a headache or the sniffles, you can pop more pills. Oh, and if your kids act up, they have some great pills to dull them down. All that creative kid energy is a hassle!
3. You are overly impressed with people.
That's right. Zombies are impressed with people who accomplish things in business or the arts or politics. If you are well-known in these circles, you are officially royalty for a zombie.
I'm not against being genuinely impressed or appreciating accomplishments. Zombies, however, are so impressed with popular people that they wax worshipful, following the lives of virtual strangers.
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