Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A day in our life

The common evening power outage made us moving upstairs.Here we're sitting on the bed and Danny is reading as usually his bed story by himself in impressive speed while Michaela is listening.The book he is reading is written in his native language about the adventures of a boy and his friends in the ancient Rome.The books title is "Caius,der Lausbub aus dem alten Rom"by the way.He likes it a lot and is reading through the five hundred pages for the third time.In the meantime I am watching on the notebook the stocks struggling and BMW is loosing hard for another day.
We had another nice day in the Kingdom of wonder with breakfast in the noodle soup kitchen,hot dogs for lunch and spaghetti with Michaela's fantastic self made tomato sauce and chili on top for supper.
It was another hot and humid day in Sihanouk Ville.
When I did talk to a Russian friend of us she complained about her loss of life quality since she moved here and she is missing her house with the nice garden close to the black sea back home.She asked me what is Cambodia for me all about.Why I like it that much here.Just told her that it's all about freedom in a sunny country with friendly people and all time of the world for the family.That I am here contrary to the busy life in Europe the boss of every single second of my life without any hassles.That freedom is the most important thing I would rate over anything so incredibly necessary money can buy for many others.:)

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