Saturday, December 10, 2011

Total lunar eclipse this evening over Cambodia

This evening between 9 pm and 11 pm the lunar eclipse took place,was quite impressive.:)We watched it from the perfect spot-the around 40 square meter balcony of our Russian friends house.The moon got completely covered by the shadow of the earth during this astronomical happening and everything around us went just pitch black,kinda weird impression to be honest.:)

Another very interesting exchange of culture and opinions about politics,other interesting countries,homeschooling and so much more.
Our friends got by the way recently visited from family members who did bring original Russian chocolate packed in blue and green alloy foil.According to them everybody in their country knows this traditional product with the snow flakes on the wrapping.My personal favorite of the two kinds was the one in the blue wrapping,a mixture of very good chocolate,nougat and a wafer,just awesome and another great experience at all to try for the first time Russian chocolate with Russians while living in Cambodia and watching the tropical sunset over this beautiful country in the same time.:)

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