Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Making a buddy ready for NYSE daytrading

I got a visit from another expat from Oregon this morning who is quite in doubt about his Vinguard investment fond assets.After talking a lot about the stockmarkets while watching the particular charts my new friend just realized how much he could make when using the buying power he owns if he would switch to my strategy.Now he's going to call his broker as soon as possible and sell the Vinguard shares.:-)

While I was trading the Nasdaq during the boom did a good job in providing the quotes & chartools.:)

check out this therms comparison of your broker Charles Schwab to TradeKing:
The cheapest one i did find:
I changed my broker about 4 times within 19 years to the cheapest one I did find and be 100% satisfied.Every online broker is just transmitting the order to the market place.The one i had before,DAB charged in that time six! times more as Flatex.Both are doing the job just fine.:) online-brokers

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